Old Savannah City Mission Donation

Lions Terry Strubbe and Fred Bryant delivered clothing, towels and washcloths collected by the Pooler Lions Club to the Old Savannah City Mission. Pictured with the Lions is Connell Stiles from the mission.

About Old Savannah City Mission:


We see each individual as a person of worth and dignity and worthy of assistance in their journey. Our vision is to see individuals set free from addictions and homelessness, transformed by God to become physically and spiritually healthy; educationally equipped to participate in society and sustain housing; encouraged to create relationships of love and service to others; and restored back to their families. We seek to help those who have been abused and neglected to find a better life. We seek to help those who have become addicted to understand their addictions, to expect physical healing and to live in ways that are healthy to the soul, mind and body.


The Mission was founded through the inspiration of Larry McDaniel, Pastor of The Sanctuary in Savannah, Georgia, after he was invited to preach at the Los Angeles Mission by Reverend Jim Lewis. When Larry would return to preach at The Sanctuary in Savannah, he would tell the congregation about the Los Angeles Mission. The Mission’s ministry was contagious. And soon, members of The Sanctuary were on board to start a Mission in Savannah. Pastor Larry brought members of his church with him to Los Angeles. They caught the vision of Rescue Ministry as well.. Under Pastor McDaniel’s leadership, the Old Savannah City Mission was established in 1997. In a real sense, this was a daughter mission. Jim encouraged Larry to grow and develop a residential, recovery program patterned after the
one at the Los Angeles Mission.